Snails in garlic and herb butter with toast

 Homemade Swabian salmon and king prawn ravioli on green salad with a buttermilk and lime dressing

Grilled goat’s cheese with honey and thyme on tomato carpaccio with onions

 Mixed side salad

 Mixed green salad


 Strong beef bouillon with herbs and chives

Fragrant lightly spiced curried cream soup with a coconut heart

and roasted king prawn


Swabian-style salad

Mixed green salad, potato, carrot and coleslaw salad

with roasted Swabian ravioli and sliced bacon dumplings 2,3


 Mixed leaf salad with cranberry dressing, baked camembert, fresh strawberries and almonds 5


Fennel and orange on a vegetable and lettuce salad with sesame dressing, grilled chicken breast and cherry tomatoes


 All large salads are served with a herb butter baguette


Grilled salmon fillet with orange and pepper sauce, colourful chard and

aromatic Basmati rice


Native trout – roasted whole, grilled vegetables and potato salad


Roasted pike-perch fillet on Swabian Alb-Leisa lentils served with grilled bacon and parsley potatoes


 King prawns on spinach and gorgonzola cream pasta with cherry tomatoes



‘Strammer Max’

Farmhouse bread with mustard, ham, cheese and fried eggs au gratin, with a colourful garnish 1


 Swabian Alb-Leisa lentils on spätzle with mini sausage links 1


‘Swiss’ sausage and cheese salad with a colourful garnish, onion rings and farmhouse bread 1,3,7


 ‘Swabian’ black pudding and Lyoner sausage salad with a colourful garnish, onion rings and farmhouse bread 1,3,7


 2 Swabian ravioli with Black Forest ham and mountain cheese au gratin with homemade potato salad 1


Vegetarian and vegan

Baked potato with herb cream sauce and grilled vegetables


Pea and quinoa risotto with Parmesan crisps

– without Parmesan (vegan)


Ribbon pasta with spinach and gorgonzola cream sauce, roasted pine nuts and sautéed cherry tomatoes


Kohlrabi herb schnitzel on colourful chard with parsley potatoes


Potato and corn fritters on Swabian Alb-Leisa lentils with rocket




Meat and poultry

Roast beef with roasted onions and Lemberger wine jus or pepper steak with herb butter,
served with grilled vegetables and a side dish of your choice


 Appenzell-style Black Forest ham and mountain cheese cordon bleu pork loin with baked potato and chive cream 1



Pork medallions wrapped in bacon with mushrooms, cream sauce and cheese spätzle 2,3,


 Chicken strips in fragrant curry sauce with baked

coconut, banana and almond rice


 Braised pork cheeks, red wine shallots and cherry tomatoes with

pappardelle pasta 8



Wild game specialties

We have a wide selection of locally sourced game – please ask for our current deer and wild boar specials

Erlaheim Krainer Steinschaf lamb specials are also available – please ask.


1 preservatives, 2 antioxidants, 3 artificial colours, 4 sulphurated, 5 blackened, 6 phosphates,

7 flavour enhancers, 8 sulphites

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