Home-made poppy seed ice cream

coated in marzipan (our own creation)

with red fruit jelly and

a dollop of whipped cream


Coconut polenta

With fig and raisin of rum


Mousse au chocolat

With salad of orange and pomegranate



“Meringue dream”

Vanilla ice cream on a meringue nest with whipped cream and warm raspberries



Warm French chocolate tart (gluten-free)

vanilla ice cream and egg liqueur

Children’s snowman

Vanilla ice cream

with whipped cream and sprinkles


Sorbet duo (lactose-free)

on two fruit coulis


Cakes from the display cabinet


Our ice cream flavours

Vanilla, chocolate, nut, walnut, strawberry, lemon

1 scoop €1.20       Portion of whipped cream €0.60


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